Civil War

Civil War in Tennessee

As the specter of war spread across the state, from Memphis to the mountains, people in all walks of life felt the effects of fear, violence and dire deprivation. By the war's end, no county was untouched by the bloodshed.

Tennessee's Civil War is a tale of divided loyalties, crucial battles and widespread devastation. Throughout the state, residents were immersed in the economic, social, and physical effects of total war, subject to violence and terror, disease and malnutrition, heartbreak and loss, and military rule by both sides. More than 1,492 battles were fought in Tennessee, at least one in each of our 95 counties and more than in any state other than Virginia. Tennessee is the only entire state to be designated as a National Civil War Heritage Area. For more information, please visit: civil_war_national_heritage_area/

With wildly divergent loyalties in different regions, Tennessee was the last state to secede. Still, of all states, Tennessee sent the greatest number of soldiers to war, supplying more men to the Confederate Army (more than 120,000) than any state except Virginia, and more men to the Union cause (more than 31,000) than all other southern states combined.