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We Tennesseans are proud of our beautiful state, and we love it when people visit us. We want to be sure to preserve the best things about Tennessee for both residents and visitors to enjoy for many generations to come.

Going green is contagious in Tennessee! Pervasive programs such as Adopt-a-Highway, TVA’s environmental partnerships, Tennessee’s Biofuels Initiative and land acquisition for Tennessee parks are building a greener future.

Let us show off our state’s unsurpassed natural beauty, unique heritage and relaxed way of life with events and attractions that preserve the best of Tennessee. We hope visitors will tread lightly as they learn more about Tennessee’s rich heritage and arts culture and enjoy our parks and forests, greenways and rivers, wildflower walks and farmers markets.

Read on to learn more about downtown treasure historic theaters and other sites, museum, our renowned natural beauty, events and accommodations for your green vacation.

For more information on green travel in Tennessee, including a green directory, pease visit:


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