Plan a Press Trip

Thank you for much for your interest in Tennessee. In order to start planning your trip, please submit the information below and we’ll respond in a timely matter. 


Press Trip Requests


The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development conducts periodic individual press trips and group media tours to showcase the music, history, scenic beauty, family fun, hidden gems, and culinary offerings across the state. We appreciate your interest in exploring Tennessee. We will do our best to accommodate your needs within the press trip guidelines and appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please complete the press trip request form for consideration.


Influencers/Bloggers Requests

TDTD fulfills a limited number of paid content opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities include influencer/blogger trips and photo/video content creator assignments. To be considered for future national campaigns or an individual trip to Tennessee, please submit your information including media kit, estimated content rates, audience demographics and reach via the influencer trip request form. While we accommodate a limited number of paid opportunities, we’re always happy to assist with itineraries throughout the year. 


Press Trip Guidelines


Media tours and press trips are designed for travel writers, travel editors and qualified freelance travel writers with a confirmed letter of assignment and links to recent coverage. Qualified freelance writers without a letter of assignment on publication letterhead will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development would like to assist you in your editorial, photographic and/or broadcast needs. Please follow these guidelines as a reference for planning a press trip or media tour in Tennessee.

  • Contact the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development at least 4-6 weeks in advance for media tour consideration.
  • Please complete the press trip request form and include a written letter/e-mail of assignment and contact information of the assigning editor.
  • Please provide links to 4-5 travel articles published within the past 12 months in mainstream travel, lifestyle or general media publications and online sites that carry the journalist’s byline. Submitted clips must be bylined and dated.
  • The PR team for the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development will make every attempt to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Our top priority is assisting working members of the media. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development is not responsible for securing lodging, meals, and activities for guests.
  • Complimentary and/or media rate arrangements are provided at the discretion of the destination partners and/or businesses and are subject to availability. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development may not be able to request complimentary accommodations during peak travel/busy season.
  • If photo or video permits are needed, we can direct you to the appropriate contact with whom you will need to work directly. Please provide full descriptions of your equipment within the press request form.
  • Please note we receive a high volume of media requests. We try to assist in all cases, but priority will be given to media on a qualified assignment.
  • During your press trip, please be respectful of host destinations and businesses and arrive on time for scheduled itinerary activities, meals, and interviews.
  • After your press trip or group media tour, please send direct links of your coverage to Mail original copies of coverage resulting from your trip, including magazines, newspapers, travel radio/television programs, or, in the case of broadcast stories, digital copies to:

Tennessee Department of Tourist Development 
Attn: PR Team
William Snodgrass/Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa L. Parks Ave. 13th Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243